KettleFit- Edinburgh and Livingston.

KettleFit is much more than just an exercise class. It's a social, fitness experience. We pride ourselves on offering fun, friendly fitness solutions which you will not only enjoy being part of, but you will also get great results.

This dynamic, kettlebell based class combines high intensity toning and cardiovascular exercise to provide a complete full body workout. Although challenging, KettleFit is suitable for all fitness levels and abilities, with a variety of kettlebell weights for you to choose from. Have fun whilst burning fat and up to 800 calories. If you want fat loss and body shape change.....KettleFit is for you.

Kettlebell training has been around for generations, it's only in recent time that it has become more commercially available. Kettlebells are effectively cannonballs with a handle. The weight distribution of a kettlebell lends itself to dynamic, swing based movements which use lots of muscle and subsequently burns a lot of calories. Don't worry though, KettleFit is designed to give you toned, lean muscles not bulk!

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