Testimonials - Jon Reid

"Having become frustrated at the lack of progress using a gym routine and seen myself in holiday photographs, I followed a recommendation and contacted Phoenix Personal Training.  I signed up rather nervously for a 10 week programme with Jon.  Looking back I am not sure why I was nervous, as I very quickly got really inspired by Jon's challenging but achievable weekly PT sessions, his support and encouragement and his understanding of how to motivate me.  I very quickly swapped the gym for kettlefit, rekindled my enjoyment of cycling, running and swimming, modified my diet (under Jon's careful guidance and advice), and overcame some personal barriers to fitness training.  The glue in all of this was Jon's approach to PT, which has kept me motivated and focused.

The proof is in the pudding - in the first 10 weeks I have exceeded my fitness goals and targets, I have lost over a stone, and most importantly I have regained control of my health and well being.  I could not have achieve all of this without Jon's PT programme - bring on the next 10 weeks!!"

Margery McBain

"I had been attending KettleFit for a few months prior to Small Group Personal Training being launched in Edinburgh. I was keen to build upon the exercises in KettleFit to improve my technique, what I gained was a lot more than that!

Jon spent the time to explain the benefits of SGPT and he took and went through my measurements in detail to give me a full understanding of my starting point. Jon is naturally friendly and reassuring by nature, so the fear of the measuring tape and scales were overcome quickly.

I really liked how Jon has made me think different about my weight. He explains that it’s more than just the numbers on the scales, he also talks to you about body shape, muscle build, fat and your overall health as opposed to pushing you towards that perceived ‘magic number’.

Jon supports further than measurement and exercise by understanding and talking through your diet and he proactively provides us all with information to support. I have almost reached my second dress size drop and I’ve been delighted in the inch loss around my waist and hips. I feel better and look healthier, something that I receive constant compliments from friends and family on.

Jon constantly adapts his sessions and includes a mixture of cardio and strength and resistance based training. The fact that I know the terms shows how far I have come! Jon takes the time to explain exercises and during the classes he supports each member to ensure that they are getting the technique right, this is something that I have really benefited from and it helps me to push myself further in KettleFit and Synergise.

Jon’s SGPT classes are motivational, energising, and tough but most importantly they are fun! I don’t believe I would be where I am now without Jon’s support, attitude and humour."

Teri Fisher