Synergy Health and Fitness Blog

The Synergy Health and Fitness blog is primarily aimed at residents and employees based in the Falkirk - Livingston - Linlithgow area, looking for information and advice on losing weight and achieving a fitter, healthier lifestyle. As with most personal blogs, will include news about our clients and personal comments about relevant current affairs.

We will endeavor to answer questions and comments from any visitor that take the time to leave a comment or question on a blog item.

This Health and Fitness blog will be updated regularly, as time allows, and an RSS feed to the blog is available here.

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Any personal opinions that appear on this Health and Fitness blog, are those of a successful, hard-working, Health and Fitness professional, who works as a personal trainer with clients throughout the Falkirk, Livingston-Linlithgow area, every day, on a full-time, professional basis.